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Students participate in activities that apply howard gardners theory of multiple intelligences in order to improve literacy skills. Multiple intelligences theory, action research, and teacher. Youre currently using one or more premium resources in your lesson. Apply howard gardners theory and surprise yourself.

Ask students to identify scientific principles in areas other than science. The theory of multiple intelligences came up in english in mind this week. Use this checklist to refresh your memory on the eight different types of multiple intelligences and pinpoint learning activities that will appeal to your students. Origin of the multiple intelligences, curriculum and assessment project aine hyland the theory of multiple intelligences mi first came to the attention of educationalists in ireland in the mid i o os, not long after the publication in i o o i of howard gardners seminal work frames of mind. A variety of genre are used to present their findings. Handbook of differentiated instruction using the multiple.

Multiple intelligence lesson plans are the perfect vehicles for engaging reluctant writers. Considering multiple intelligences in the planning, instruction, and. The lesson plans in this section have been developed using or based on, those intelligences described in the work of howard gardner. See more ideas about multiple intelligences, teaching activities and teaching. Multiple intelligences, teaching for understanding and the primary secondlevel. Understanding the theory of multiple intelligences shared with you by lisa murphy, m. Differentiated instruction using the multiple intelligences. Differences in the ways in which students do this have received less attention. Creating a multiple intelligences lesson plan mimi and the. Download handbook of differentiated instruction using the multiple intelligences. Gardners multiple intelligences classroom activities and. No matter what, multiple intelligences can give you and your students a new way to approach learning. Lesson plans that reach the multiple intelligences by michele r.

I have used a scenario called the soldiers dilemma to introduce themes found in. In this project i looked at howard gardners multiple intelligences, which is a theory based on the premise that people have a multitude of different types of intelligences that are independent of one another rather than the traditional single intelligence. The lesson included activities that were geared toward spatial intelligence in planning and instruction. Complete multiple of intelligences inventory identify greatest strength discuss strength with group generate a list of preferred learning methods. Multiple intelligence lesson plan assignment by danis. Multiple intelligence theory says that there are at least eight different kinds of intelligence, and that human beings possess all of them to different degrees. Creating a multiple intelligences lesson plan mimi and. In 1983, howard gardner proposed the theory of multiple intelligences mi, though he has continued to revise his theory over the years.

Lesson plans by intelligences multiple intelligences in. Students will analyze and evaluate environmental issues in order to become environmentally aware citizens. In this multiple intelligences lesson, students analyze how everyone learns in different ways. In this multiple intelligences lesson, students analyze how everyone learns in. Teaching multiple intelligence theory laura candler. American schools have traditionally favored those students who excel in the linguistic and analytical arenas because these skills are highly valued in our culture. Intelligences mi and the idea that all learners are different. Lesson plan ideas learning through a variety of unique experiences allows children to better understand themselves as lifelong learners, and to see how others acquire knowledge and apply their skills. As gardner 2008 states, intelligence refers to a biopsychological potential. Logicalmathematical visualspatial bodykinesthetic musicalrhythmic naturalist interpersonal intrapersonal verballinguistic.

Teaching culture and language through the multiple intelligences. Transform your teaching into outstanding, highimpact learning with readytouse classroom strategies differentiating instruction and assessment with the theory of multiple intelligences and make every lesson effective for your students addressing what matters most to teachers, handbook of differentiated instruction using mi and more combines practical applications of gardner. Heres another idea to get your teens talking, and reflecting on their own skillsabilities. Here are some of the successful lessons i have had, with a specific focus on an intelligence. Learning activities that connect with multiple intelligences. Gardner prefers to describe cognitive ability as a set of eight intelligences. As a member, youll also get unlimited access to over 79,000 lessons in math, english, science, history, and more. By encountering concepts in a variety of ways, kids are inspired to be strong, creative authors. The students think about different types of intelligence and then do a quiz to find out what intelligences they are strong in. Multiple intelligence teachingenglish british council bbc.

Design more varied learning activities create lessons that engage multiple intelligences instead of relying on the traditional areas of math and literacy. The lesson is ideal for diverse learners because of the application of the theory. Lesson plans and more pdf our web service was introduced with a want to function as a total online electronic digital local library that. In 8 weeks, the experiment group was given various strategies for multiple intelligences in the teaching session students carried out all the activities prepared in the light of eight multiple intelligence types in their learning environment. I knew it would really interest my students, so i decided to explore it a bit more. Make up a cooperative game practice physical exercise conduct handson experiments construct a model or rehearse and perform a play role play or simulate choreograph a dance. Intelligences activity menu bodykinesthetic body smart intelligence is related to physical movement and the knowledge of the body. Lesson plans for the multiple intelligences multiple. Pdf gardeners theory of multiple intelligences gardner 1997 has. In this project i will show how multiple intelligence theory can be applied in the english. A smattering of activities using multiple intelligence theory.

Logicalmathematical analytical, conceptoriented visualspatial image, pictureoriented naturalist enjoys organizing natural patterns bodilykinesthetic excels at physical movement, both gross and fine motor musicalrhythmic oriented to tonal and rhythmic patterns interpersonal good persontoperson skills. When you are planning your next lesson, you should try using this to make sure you accommodate all learning styles. Find three random things for example, a blade of grass, the word long, and the process jumping and ask your. This is an activity meant to be used to help students understand and apply gardners theory of the multiple intelligences. Teaching to multiple intelligences 10 purpose of the study the purpose of the study is to investigate how teachers are teaching to students multiple intelligences and incorporating differentiated instruction within the classroom. Nov 24, 2015 the theory of multiple intelligences came up in english in mind this week. Lesson plans for the multiple intelligences the chart shown below outlines a sampling of activities that can be connected to certain intelligences. Here is a discussion of the eight different intelligences dr. The students will be complete a multiple intelligence inventory and identify their greatest strength. You may wish to see related materials listed below the listed plans. A lesson plan for a kinesthetic learner as someone who has a masters degree in history, i was surprised to discover i was a.

Gardner proposes and their relationship to the esl efl classroom. They tak a selfassessment survey type instrument that indicates the primary type of intelligence as based on the multiple. Browse multiple intelligences survey resources on teachers pay teachers, a marketplace trusted by millions of teachers for original educational resources. At the end of the lesson, students think about how to use the ideas from the.

This updated 3rd edition of multiple intelligences in the classroom, thomas armstrongs bestselling practical guide for educators. Students complete a series of worksheets to analyze their learning preferences then discuss howard. An internet based multiple intelligences model for. Learners profiles of intelligences will affect their preferences when learning. Pdf a multiple intelligences approach to teaching number systems. Leading an oral discussion or debate creating audio tapes giving an oral presentation writing or giving a news report developing questions for, and conducting an interview presenting a radio drama creating a slogan writing their own story problems keeping a journal or diary writing a verbal defense creating a word game to go along with your present topic. Visuallspatial intelligence can be seen in its purest form in the im agination of children, in such activities as daydreaming, pretending to make oneself invisible, or. You have even developed lesson plans for preschool age children to help foster their learning within a preschool environment.

Lesson plans about sciences education were planned in the light of this strategy. This lesson introduces students to dr howard gardners theory of multiple intelligences mi and the idea that all learners are different. Lesson plans that reach the multiple intelligences teaching. Jun 28, 2017 the theory of multiple intelligences was developed in 1983 by dr. A smattering of activities using multiple intelligence theory internet search terms. Lesson plans that reach the multiple intelligences. In todays education system, there is an overwhelming emphasis on verballinguistic and.

Lesson plan gardners survey of multiple of intelligencesobjective. Make up a cooperative game practice physical exercise conduct handson experiments construct a model or rehearse and perform a play role play or. Similarly, our thanks are due to the teachers and student teachers on the. The multiple intelligence theory in english language teaching. Activities for esl lessons with multiple intelligences. Create a series of cue cards that show the way that events developed though history, through science, or math. Unfortunately, this traditional approach leaves certain students behind to stumble b. The following lesson ideas target a range of intelligences. Multiple intelligences activities intelligences multiples learning theory e learning human growth and development educational theories teaching strategies teaching ideas positive thoughts differentiated instruction. The internet and world wide web provide both an ideal resource and platform for multiple intelligences lesson plans. This lesson will provide students an opportunity to understand the different ways they can display their intelligences. Only premium resources you own will be fully viewable by all students in classes you share this lesson with. Use these ideas for learning activities that will appeal to your students based on their particular strengths. If you want to download you have to send your own contributions.

After learning about gardners multiple intelligence theory and taking this inventory, students are assigned this project as a way of demonstrating their mastery of the intelligences. Welcome to esl printables, the website where english language teachers exchange resources. Blooms taxonomy, multiple intelligences, lesson types. To make adding multiple intelligences to your lesson plans as easy as possible, i have created a handy guide and listed a variety of ideas for each intelligence. Eight multiple intelligences are outlined along with teaching tips and fun activities. Find multiple intelligence theory lesson plans and teaching resources.

Students must include at least five different activities, each relating to a different intelligence. Our collection is growing every day with the help of many teachers. Use inquiry above or collect other types of samples related to the story, text, or unit of study to look for averages or statistical trends. Definition of multiple intelligences this theory of human intelligence, developed by psychologist howard gardner and known as gardners multiple intelligences theory, suggests there are at least seven ways that people have of perceiving and understanding the world. The theory of multiple intelligences was developed in 1983 by dr. As writing teachers, we can employ howard gardners multiple intelligences theory by. The school system and how it can or can not implement howard gardners theory of multiple intelligences. Download book handbook of differentiated instruction. Howard gardner, professor of education at harvard university.

Multiple intelligence teachingenglish british council. Their job is to pick a topic they would like to teach and design a lesson plan of activities which correspond to the various intelligences. Theory and application hope phillips columbus state university abstract howard gardners theory of multiple intelligences has challenged the historical view of intelligence as a fixed quantity since he first published frames of mind in 1983. Lesson plans by intelligences multiple intelligences in the. Like most teachers, youre probably familiar with howard gardners theory on multiple intelligences.

While these lists are certainly not exhaustive, they have several activities under each intelligence that i liked to use in my classroom or with my grandsons. High school history teachers may now design lesson plans that incorporate internet based materials into their multiple intelligences lessons. Create authentic problems using concepts found in the story, text, or unit of study. Beneath the chart are a few lesson plans i have outlined while highlighting the various intelligences they access. At the end of the lesson, students think about how to use the ideas from the lesson to help themselves learn english. Each explanation is followed by lesson plans or exercises which can be used in class. Use a scenario that relates to your content something controversial works best and ask students to discuss it. Plus, get practice tests, quizzes, and personalized coaching to help you succeed.

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